About the World Guppy Association

What is the WGA ?

The World Guppy Association (WGA) is an association of breeders and clubs that has the aim to promote the hobby of Guppybreeding in the world...

What are the goals of the WGA?

The WGA has the goal to bring the Guppy clubs together worldwide and to create a world championship with several rounds by using a common standard. Furthermore the WGA tries to promote the Guppy hobby in a professional way. A part of this project is the annual World Guppy Contest.

Who founded the WGA?

The WGA was created 1997 by Ömer Serif Gülmez, whereby breeders from all over the world were strongly involved in this process. Naturally there must be someone who, "at the beginning" of this extensive project, bundles the different interests of the clubs and breeders. Call it "founder", "president", "co-ordinator", "project manager" or whatever.

Rules, statute, hierarchy?

The "project" WGA is very extensive and a long term operation. We just started. It is too early to set up general rules, a statute, etc. The flexibility is very important in the initial stage. One should not try to carve out of stone the different interests and desires of the breeders and clubs. At the beginning the Internet was our most important tool and by using it more and more we managed to create stable contacts worldwide.

How can I join the WGA?

It is our common hobby and we all have desires and conceptions, how this hobby should develop in the future. Communicate with the other Guppy friends worldwide and submit your ideas. Become member of the WGA (as a single breeder or as a club). How can the Guppy breeding develop ? How does a common standard look like ? How can we find a mode for a world championship? Make contacts in your local area by finding other hobbyist with the help of the WGA. Get active! There is no membership fee. Join the community and enjoy the hobby to the max.

All World Guppy Contests:

1996: 01. WGC, Osaka/Japan
1997: 02. WGC, Nuremberg/Germany
1998: 03. WGC, Milwaukee/USA
1999: 04. WGC, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil
2000: 05. WGC, Vienna/Austria
2001: 06. WGC, Prague/Czech
2002: 07. WGC, Nuremberg/Germany
2003: 08. WGC, Santos/Brasil
2004: 09. WGC, Milwaukee/USA
2005: 10. WGC, Taipei/Taiwan
2006: 11. WGC, Prague/Czech
2007: 12. WGC, Brasilia/Brazil
2009: 13. WGC, Ferrara/Italy
2010: 14. WGC, Belo Horizonte/Brazil
2011: 15. WGC, Boston/USA
2012: -
2013: 16. WGC, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
2014: 17. WGC, Tianjin/China
2015: 18. WGC, Tampa/USA
2016: 19. WGC, Vienna/Austria
2017: 20. WGC, Keelung/Taiwan
2018: 21. WGC, Natal/Brazil
2019: 22. WGC, Sofia/Bulgaria
2023: 23. WGC, Penang/Malaysia