Guppy Clubs and Associations

Guppybreeders can be found all over the world. A lot of them join together in clubs and associations to enjoy the hobby to the max.
The only Guppy Association with Clubs from all over the world and an annual World Guppy Contest is the World Guppy Association.

Furthermore there are two associations which concentrate more on the "local" clubs:

The I.F.G.A. (International Fancy Guppy Association) is active in the United States and exists since 1966. Most of the North American Clubs are member of this Association and there is also a championship every year.

The I.K.G.H. (Internationales Kuratorium Guppy Hochzucht) is an association of European Guppy Clubs. The IKGH is organizing the European Championship since 1978. The European Championship of Guppybreeders includes about 7 shows in different countries. Furthermore the members of the Association (the clubs) meet every 5 years to update the Judging Standard for Guppies (the IHS). The IKGH was founded in the beginning of the 80ies.

Members of the World Guppy Association:

• Deutsche Guppy Föderation e. V. (DGF)
• Die Guppyfreunde Deutschlands e. V. (DGD)
• Guppy-Klub-Rheinland (GKR)
• Österreichische Guppy Gesellschaft (ÖGG)
• Clube dos Criadores de Guppy do Brasil (CCG)
• Akvárium zal. 1899 (AKV)
• Associazione Italiana Guppy (AIG)
• Aqua Breeders Club (ABC)
• Guppy Associates of Milwaukee (GAM)
• Associação Portuguesa do Guppy (APG)
• Guppyclub Belgium
• Guppy Club Singapore (GCS)
• Malaysia Guppy Club (MGC)
• Korean Fancy Guppy Association (GUSAMO)
• China Guppy Club (CGC)